... is the personal website of Lancashire artist Anthony Robshaw.

It's a place where you can browse through some of my work over the previous decades, some of which are now all too distant (alas), learn a little bit about me (though not too much - as a little bit of mystery never did any artist any harm) and, if you like some of what you see and the work is available, purchase it directly from me, the artist, on this website.

The artist at work

Starting out principally, though not exclusively, as a painter in the "classical tradition" with a focus on landscapes, it's fair to say that over my many years painting, not only have I taken commissions requiring various styles to please their respective buyers, I have at times followed my own inclinations to attempt to encompass variety in my work. Sometimes, this has involved stepping out of my own artistic comfort zones, with the result that my work incorporates landscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals, local (Lancashire / Darwen) scenes, historical scenes, reproductions of classical "Old Masters", (occasional) impressionism and the (very occasional) experimental foray into contemporary art (thereby forcing myself to relegate many of the precepts I hold dear and supplement, if not entirely substitute them, with different ones) using a variety of media, including oils, acrylics and watercolour.

Through all these efforts, however, I have come to realise that the golden thread running throughout everything I do, would probably be encapsulated in the words "tradition", "care", "time" and "craft" - not concepts guaranteed to get a favourable response by some modernist critics, but nevertheless, these are what underpin my work to this day, as they always have.

I'll elaborate a little bit more on this in my biographical page, but for now, I hope that's enough to get you started, perhaps to look through my online gallery ...

If the painting you like is already taken, I am currently in the process of making more of my work available as "Archival Quality" limited edition, signed prints - please ask for details. Alternatively, for those who desire the original artwork, if you know what you want and have your own ideas for a painting you'd like, or if you have suggestions to make, please do contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Robshaw


Some of my current work can be seen on display (and bought) locally in Darwen, Lancashire from my good friends at Deli Carlo and the Sweet Vintage Tea Room, both conveniently situated by the market hall front entrance in Darwen town centre.